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Rave Reviews For Our Dog Belly Bands and Female Dog Diapers (Bitch Britches)

Just wanted to thank you folks for these belly bands.  We bought the first 2 to have on hand for when we eventually bring home the dog we have out showing with our daughter, who is a handler.  He will definitely need an adjustment period to live in the house.  We now have 8 and they are being used for something they were not originally intended to do.  We have a male with neurological issues, herniated discs that are inoperable, according to the specialist.  When he relaxes overnight or during the day when we are at work, he floods.  For what we needed the bands to do, a sanitary pad did not work.  But a baby overnight diaper works fantastic since he leaks when he's laying on his side and the diaper wraps up the sides and absorbs everything.  No more wet puppy or flooring so we're all very happy.  Can't thank you enough for this product.

Kathy C   4-29-2013

Hello Debbie ~
Glad to have purchased more products from you. They are always the best! We very recently bought several different things, including two new belly bands (18 inch +) for our Saluki boy. All in the order was perfect.

Thank you again for creating and offering such great products!

Best regards from your appreciative customer, - Crystin S. February 4th 2013

Here is a picture of Snoopy in his belly band... what a Godsend this has been... no more peeing on the bed...

he has more control of himself and rarely wets himself now...
thank you for making my days alot easier to handle... Eva K. – February 7th 2013

My assistant had referred you to me, she loves hers and the dogs do so well with them so hopefully it will help with my little guy! K. B. – April 23, 2012

Thank you so much for your belly bands. I ordered yours and another companies and yours is far superior. I had mine delivered to my Mom’s house where my dog will never again visit without your belly band! I couldn’t believe how bad he would have been. We accidentally let him out with it on and it didn’t leak. I’m ordering another one since I left mine at my mothers house to make sure that we always have one there. They are very fast drying as well, I washed them out and it was dry by the next morning. Plus, he tried a lot to get it off, but the velcro was amazing. I highly recommend this product. Alison and Tucker (Min Pin) – January 7, 2012

Absolutely love your belly bands. They have saved my furniture and rugs, and my little Max doesn’t mind wearing them at all. Alana T. – January 6, 2012

I love your product! I have 2 miniature schnauzers that have always been notorious markers — and very sneaky ones at that. Now they have the run of the house again and we are all happy. These are my second set — they wash beautifully and I love having extras around. Thank you for a great product and great customer service. Jennifer S. – January 5, 2012

Hi Debbie,
The band I ordered did indeed fit. I just brought home a 2 year old rescue terrier mix monday afternoon. By monday night, he had marked the couch twice, and the entry way into the back bedrooms twice. He marked our other dogs toys 3 times. All this right in front of us and all within a span of 3 hours! We caught him each time and put him in his crate for time out while we tried to clean up the mess on our carpets. I hopped online to find a solution to this marking fiend and found your site. I wasted no time in ordering for his 16 inch waist. For the next 2 and a half days, he was confined to our laundry room where he could pee to his hearts content on the hard floors. I nearly kissed the package when it came thursday afternoon! At last he can be with us in the house! I cut the pad in half that was provided and slapped it on him. He wagged his tail and zoomed throughout the house marking and marking again. But this time, my carpets and furniture was saved! The first time he lifted his leg and nothing came out, he flew into my bedroom and hunkered down on my bed sniffing at his rap as if to say, huh? After the half hour of him lifting and running around, he finally jumped in my lap and rolled over on his back as if to say, ok, I’m done and empty! I took the band off and the pad was completely saturated, but the band itself wasn’t wet at all. I changed the pad and let him loose the rest of the night. Thank you so very much for your products! you save a lot of dogs from being given away or put down because their owners are at their wits end. Now we’ve got to work on not pooping in the house. Maybe my next purchase will be a relieving harness.

P.S. I think your belly bands are the best in the market. They have that pouch to accommodate their you know what, which I am sure is much more comfortable for the dogs. Also, the material is great. It washes really nice and dryes in less than one hour if you hang them outside. Perfect for my household with four dogs and a foster! April and Joe – October 13, 2011

I wanted to tell you how very happy I am with your product. I’ve tried other belly bands that didn’t work. I have an adolescent male basset, bought the sling style from you. I am currently on vacation and staying in a lodge. Your bands are the BEST. Active play in the room and wrestling with another basset and the band stays in place. I HIGHLY recommend your product over any other.

Thanks again Kris Kroner – September 11, 2011 Ambler, PA � On vacation in VT

I just wanted to let you know these are the best belly bands I have purchased. Gizmo has only had one accident, that was probably my fault for not putting it on right. With the old bands that I have purchased I was always checking him to make sure he was covered, but not with your belly bands. Helen Cook – July 20, 2011

I live in a home with 5 Cardigan Welsh Corgis, the oldest (13 yo) is an intact male who never thought of marking when he was younger and we had fewer dogs but now feels a need to claim what’s his as well as dealing with the consequences of aging.

As a short dog in a big dog body, Cardis can be difficult to fit for apparel. A store-bought belly band long enough to fit my boy was way too wide and its stone-washed denim fabric made him look like he was wearing ‘man jeans.’ Last year I ordered two belly bands from Kennel Komforts; one regular style and one sling style. The regular style is still a tad wide but useable. The sling style (we call it his “thong”) is perfect though. The cup fully covers his equipment and accommodates larger, contoured incontinence pads while the narrower band fits the shorter loin of a Cardi just perfectly.

We recently had new carpeting installed in the room where most of the marking occurred. As a result, there’s a new rule in the house – no boys without a belly band. Today I ordered two more of the sling style bands so we have enough to rotate through the laundry. I’m looking forward to receiving them. Thank you for the excellent quality and styling of your product. Dina Delsman – Jun 17, 2011
Fairway Cardigan Welsh Corgis

Thank you for promptly shipping my order for 3 vinyl mesh crate pads.   Your service was swift.  I also wish to offer you a testimonial to the superiority of these pads.  While they don’t feel as soft and cuddly as some that can be bought, THESE LAST.  All my 3 dogs dig when getting ready to lie down and a nice soft fuzzy crate pad tends to fall apart quickly.  My newest rescued pup, though adult, chews on zippers and soft seams.  One regular pad can be totally “holey” within hours with stuffing flying everywhere.  These vinyl ones are padded and the last one I got was still in one piece after 4 years! They are washable or hoseable and there is no zipper to worry about.  I feel good that I have provided them with a cushiony, clean pad with less risk they will ingest fibers or zipper pieces.  So I heartily recommend them to anyone. Marge – Jun 6, 2011

My 2 belly bands just arrived for my male Afghan Hound, Blackie. I put one on him and he�s had it on for 1 hour, seems comfortable and the best is no peeing in the house. Yea!!! What a relief. No more working all day and scrubbing floors at night. Yea!! THANK YOU, BIG THANKS! Bonnie – Mar 21, 2011

When a rescue dog was introduced, very submissive, my first male took exception to his presence. While he had never, ever, made a mark in the house, the temptation to secure his place in the hierarchy was too much and we had little spots everywhere. The belly bands solved this totally. They are a perfect fit for a lean running hound, I am impressed with the research which has gone into making each band suit each breed whether large or small, coated or not. And the bitch brithces??? Not one male has been able to get them off and my bitch is relaxed knowing the males can’t get to her until she’s ready. No more separations of the pack until “D” day. Clair Chrysler – January 30, 2011

Hi Debbie,
The six britches arrived today for my pugs and I greatly appreciate your calling last week to question the size I had ordered. The 12-15 long is perfect and I will send the three “shorts” back tomorrow and ask that you credit my card when you receive them.

More importantly, like many of your customers I’m sure, I’ve been through numerous bitch panties in search of something that would not be ripped off or, fall off, as pugs are not easy to fit. I have never found a pair that fit as well as these and they appear to be soft and comfortable. Thank you very much.

I’m ordering one more pair today along with a couple belly bands.
Kind regards, Sarah Yoshida – April 19, 2010

Hi Debbie,
Just had to write you and let you know that I am so glad someone finally got it right. I have bought numerous belly bands for my two male dogs and none of them would keep their “plumbing” contained.

I kept thinking to myself �there must be a company out there that has thought of using elastic and making a pocket for their “plumbing”. Sure enough, with enough Internet researching I found your website!

My life (and theirs) has changed dramatically. These little angels are from a puppy mill and just may never get the whole idea of NOT marking in the house. I keep an immaculate home and this was making me go insane and sick with worry as to what was to become of my home. Giving these beautiful sweet dogs a chance outside of the hell life they had was all that mattered to me so I HAD to find a way to keep this under control.

They now have run of my house. I don�t have to check the belly band every five minutes like I did the other ones as their “stuff” doesn’t come slipping out. Its nicely contained in the little pocket.

Now they have more freedom and I have more freedom. Life is good.
Many thanks! Michele Massey – April 7, 2010

The BELLY BAND is here!! Thanks for EXCELLENT service and a product that is without equal!

A very satisfied customer, Jacquie Nielsen – April 3, 2010

Thank you so much for getting my order out to me so quickly. With 2 males in the house and several females to get the competitive juices flowing I REALLY needed those belly bands! The bands fit perfectly, fasten securely, and the boys seem very comfortable in them. I am very happy with the design and quality, and thrilled not to have to clean up after the boys or constantly watch them like hawks now. One boy only marked once while wearing the band and has not marked since. The other boy filled his pad to soaking wet then hid and sulked for awhile, but has never done it again!
Thanks again,
Kelly Groves – Glencoe Corgi’s – Mar 9, 2010

Dear Kennel Komforts,
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my order and the incredibly fast service I received. I had contacted you last week concerned that the belly bands you had would not fit my Rottweiler (34 1/2 – 35 inch). You wrote me back promptly and suggested that I try the bands anyway as they had some give in them. I placed the order right away and could not believe it when my package showed up on Friday as I had not expected it until the following week.

The bands do fit my dog!! They are a wonderful product and very well made. And as a bonus the fabric choices are great and a lot of fun. I desperately needed these and I am grateful to have found your company.

Thank you for a wonderful buying experience!
Sincerely, Tracy – Mar 8, 2010

I received the hearts and bones belly band today, and it’s great!

My geriatric Basset Hound, Orville, is much happier in something so stylish, rather than a plain old adult diaper.

Amazingly fast service, as well. Great company, great product! Halle – Feb 3, 2010

Hi–I just want to say thanks for the quick service. I ordered my dogs� Belly Bands just a couple days ago and there they were in my mailbox this afternoon. Oh, they are so darn cute. I put them on my two schnauzers, Frits and Felix, right away and they look so cute. I have been dealing with them peeing in the house for months and was at my wits end when someone told me about Belly Bands. So I looked them up on the internet and found your company. I called and you were so helpful to me. I will be ordering more soon. Right now I have four.

I am going to share your information with my dogs’ doctor so that he can pass it on to other customers who are having problems with their pets.

I would appreciate getting any information from you on the Belly Bands in the future.

By coincidence I went out to PETCO this morning to check out their belly bands. Oh My. They have them but they are made of a denim type material and are so stiff. I came home and there in my mailbox were my boys’ Belly Band. I am so happy. What a wonderful product. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for saving my carpet. Have a great weekend. Donna H – Jan 30, 2010

A couple of months ago, I had my old wall-to-wall carpeting replaced with new wood laminate flooring. Much to my dismay, my nearly 10 year old Westie decided to take out his dislike of this change with peeing and marking the furniture and floor. I could take him for a long walk and then leave to go for the evening and he would still find a way to leave a puddle on the floor. He was beginning to warp some of the flooring. My groomer recommended getting a belly band.

It’s been a couple of weeks now and no “accidents” yet. I made sure putting on the belly band was not a punishment, but just another piece of clothing like the jackets he wears to go outside in the cold weather. So far, so good.

I have recommended your belly bands to my vet’s office (who had never even heard of such a thing!) and to friends who have dogs that pee in their homes. What a wonderful product! My floors and furniture thank you and I thank you. Helen B. – Jan 17, 2010

Thank you so much for the quick shipping. I love the sling style belly band on my male pom. I am so happy with this purchase I’ll be ordering another one today!!!

I wasn’t happy with the one I bought at petsmart the small was too small and the medium was too big. Yours was more of a custom fit.

Thanks! Liz – Jan 2, 2010

I am writing to tell you how much your belly bands have made our life easier.  Back in October,  9month old Luigi, our Olde English Bulldogge, went in to be neutered.  One of his testicles never fell so our vet had to “go inside” and find it to take it out.

To our horror, we learned the next day that the Vet had mistakenly taken out his prostate and most of his urethra. Our beloved puppy was unable to urinate. Luckily our vet was able to rush him to a specialist and the next day he went in for six hours of reconstructive surgery.

Unfortunately he will be incontinent for the rest of his life. After a two week stay at the vet, we brought him home. We tried several of the bulky belly bands and britches (that he hated wearing) that we found in our pet stores.

Then we went online. The only one that has worked has been your belly band. Because the material is not as bulky and because of the material itself.

Luigi is an inside dog, so he wears this most of the time.  Every once in a while he will try and rub under the furniture to try and get it off, but because of the super Velcro he is unable to do so.

We had to adjust our size and you were very nice in sending us out the correct size as the others were back in route to you. We never thought we would need a product like this, but we are glad you have made one that works so well for us. Thanks again. The Montes Family – Nov. 23 2009

Hello Debbie,
I wanted to let you know how much we like the bitch britches. They fit our girl perfectly, and she is happy with them! I am very impressed with the quality of construction and detail, well done. I talked to you last week, we live in Santa Rosa, Ca. and have 2 Irish Water Spaniels.

Thank you very much! M. Joanne – Feb. 14, 2009

Dear Kennel Komforts,
Hi … I’ve been meaning to email you and let you know how much I love the Belly Band Slings I ordered. Don’t know what I did without them before.

My little dog is almost 11 years old now and is getting a bit stubborn … he still asks to go outside but not all the time now. The belly band is my rescue for those lapses.

Also, if you want to let your customers know, you can get a 48 pack of the Walmart brand super pads for, I think its, $3.67. They fit perfectly in the 9-12 size (not the regular length, not the long ones). Cheap enough, huh?

And thanks for substituting the right size for me … I, myself, had a brain lapse when ordering and ordered the wrong size (needed 9-12 but ordered 6-8). They fit perfectly. Good job!

A Happy customer, Colette G. – Feb. 13, 2009

I just ordered some “Bitch Britches” from you. You sent a different size based on the weight of my dog, then ordered. You hit it just exactly right on. You know your product. My dog is taking Phenobarbitol for seizures and gets so “loopy” she doesn’t know what she’s doing, like having accidents in her sleep. I’ve had her wearing the britches that I’d ordered from you years ago for a 70 pound dog. She kept “losing her drawers!” Even though too large, they are still adaptable enough to work. They and still look like new.

Also, last summer I ordered a belly band for a friend’s visiting dog, who wasn’t house trained away from home.Your belly band saved my new carpeting, not to mention, a friendship.

Your products are well made, and they prevent many a headache!

I just wanted to say thanks for a product that works! I may just have to order an extra pair! Oh, I thought of another story. Another friend wanted me to babysit her dog for her for about a week. Another friend told her NO due to his marking. I told her ONLY if she orders a belly band from you, would I take care of him. She did order it, we used it, and she used it from then on, in her own house. Yet, another friendship saved… God Bless YOU too! Suzanne in Ball Ground Ga. – January 17th 2009

Just received my two and they are saving my life. Thank you so much. My 90 pound German Shepherd can not use his back legs and is now incontinent. I have been cleaning him and kitchen floor for several weeks. Vet recommended the belly band – and now I am thrilled. He is happier since he is not longer a stinky boy – and since he is used to a rear end harness does not even know the band is there. No more cleaning floors. Had to let you know. Thanks again. If you need someone to sing your praises – it will be me! Barbara in Decatur, Ga. -Oct. 13, 2008

I just wanted to let you know that I was at my wits end with my 2 year old, neutered cairn terrier.  Almost everyday, I would find a new place in my home that he decided needed his scent (especially since my other dog won’t let him dominate her).  I had tried sprays to deter him and then only giving him a certain area he was allowed to be in, and nothing worked.  I continuously found areas he marked.  My last straw was looking for some sort of miracle cure on the internet and I found your belly bands.  I have been a week free of urine spots and it’s so nice to enjoy coming home to him once again!  Thank you, thank you!  I think I may order another as a back up! Melinda – June 16, 2008

Hello Debbie, The delivery truck just left after delivering the package of beds for Jeffrey. They are perfect and beautiful!!!! I cannot thank you enough. Pam and Jeff – Jan 31, 2008
The dogs beds arrived yesterday. The dogs LOVE their beds. I always felt bad for the Vizsla and Frenchie because they sleep in crates on the floor and those two have very thin coats. Our house gets cold at night and must be even colder on the floor. Last night they snuggled into their burrowing beds and didn’t move a muscle. Now I know they won’t be shivering at night. The burrowing bed design is perfect. Thanks! Janie – Dec. 16 2007

I received my belly bands. They are the best thing. I bought the ones at pet’s mart and they are sooo ruff on my dog’s belly – I had to take it off.  These are so soft and so much less material. My dog can tell the difference too. I like the fact that it is not all elastic – it was making my dogs hair fall out. They are so light weight and the medium is perfect for my little Pomeranian and I feel good knowing he is in comfort all day while I’m at work.  Thanks bunches – Yvette Nov. 07 2007

A few weeks ago i ordered a belly band for my great dane. It’s so fabulous i had to tell you! It’s saves me so much cleaning and it makes his life so much better. He’s been “leaky” for quite some time and whenever he gets up and walks around he leaks. I put it on him quickly when he’s getting out of bed or off the sofa and voila, no more problems. It’s so easy to get on and seal with the large velcro. What an excellent design. He doesn’t seem to notice it at all.

My vet/chiropractor recommended it to me after another of her clients bought the extra large for her russian wolfhound i believe.

Well, just wanted to let you know how happy i am with this product. Thanks again, – Carol Jan. 14 2007

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with your little male dog diaper slings. Our little Ace was too tiny for any of the other types, but yours fits perfectly. He runs and plays freely in the house now as he is housebreaking without any upset. At only 1.5 pounds that is quite a relief! Thanks again - Edie March 12, 2006

I purchased a Front Pack Carrier from you at the Golden Gate Kennel Club this weekend… And I love it!! Actually, my Yorkie loves it. I took my big dog out for her morning walk, put my little Yorkie in her pack…she burrowed down into the middle of the pack, and there she stayed! When I lifted her out to do her duty, she was toasty warm. This is a real easy pack to put on…and it’s comfortable once it is on! Super product, thanks for making it!  - Judi January 31, 2006

Thank You. Those are the perfect width. The BELLY BANDS are adorable. My dog just had to have 1/2 of his bladder removed so while we are in the bladder stretching process, these will work out great.   - Debra January 27, 2006

Just wanted to say thanks for the fast shipping, The BELLY BANDS work great on our min pins. We were on our last nerve wondering what to do. You saved us. Thank you very much! And our two little boys thank you, they don’t like wearing the bands but they are getting used to them.  - Shelley & Chris January 26, 2006

I just had to write to tell you how much better life is around here since Patches has the Belly Band. I’m using the heavy sanitary pads and when he does have an accident it’s all in the pad. Now I don’t have to follow him everywhere! What a relief!  - Jane January 23, 2006

Okay, I gotta tell you: These are the BEST fitting panties for wiener dogs! I bought two other pair from different manufacturer’s and you win the contest HANDS DOWN. You use better materials, they are better fitted, cute patterns, ect. EXCELLENT. Worth every penny and more. I will be buying again shortly.   - Karen December 2, 2005

Hi there! I ordered several Belly Bands from you about four years ago for my incontinent wiener dog, and they are the best!  - Karen November 20, 2005

I recently ordered a pair of Bitch Britches for my Sheltie, and I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate your product and your company. First, I received a quick and helpful response to my question about sizing; I ordered them right away and they arrived unbelievably fast. Not only that, but the size recommendation was perfect– they fit SO much better than the horrible panties we got her from a big pet store chain, and they’re much cuter, too! I will highly recommend your products to anyone who asks!  - Sarah November 11, 2005

Thanks, Debbie. I went and took a look. I love the other two prints, too. I’ll send another order soon. My husband will absolutely love the chili pepper print. We have a Mini-Pin named Pepper. LOL!! It’s going to be a nice website! I had a different band on my Yorkie when yours came in the mail today and he had been rubbing on the furniture, turning over on his back and wiggling all over the floor and biting at it, trying his best to get it off. After I put one of the new ones on that you sent, he quit fooling with it and laid down and fell asleep. He sure seems to appreciate the way they are made. It’s important to me that he’s comfy too! He is going in for surgery in about 3 weeks because he has some health problems and the other bands were worrying me. I’m not worried now. Even the vet I go to likes your bands so I’ll try to print a screen shot up so that maybe you can get some orders off her patients. The breeder that I got my Yorkie from also thinks your bands are nice and asked for your name and website address. You do good work and I appreciate it.  - Garnett August 15, 2005

I just wanted to thank you again for your generosity to correct the Belly Band confusion with unavailable patterns and the number of bands I ordered. The Belly Bands are AWESOME!!! Life around here has been much more pleasant. Garth is entirely comfortable wearing them and I will soon be ordering more. But I wanted to tell you something else. I took Garth to the Vet today with his “Chili Pepper” Belly Band on and customers and staff alike were soooo very impressed. (I’m so used to seeing him in his bands that initially, I didn’t get why everyone was pointing, smiling and talking, until one of the staff mentioned how “fashionable” he was.) The Vet and staff automatically gleaned the purpose of his band, but it seemed that they never heard the term “Belly Band” before! They referred to it as a “diaper type thing”. I’m no marketing whiz but sister, you got somthin’ here. The term and item has got to get out. I hope you will reach for a larger market, continue to help people like me and make a fortune! (Something us dog people seldom experience.) I wish you all the success in the world. Thanks for everything.  - Corinne August 6, 2005

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