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Reasons that Pet Owners Buy Doggy Diapers for their Canines

Posted by Debbie on 1/29/2014
Pet owners have a number of different reasons for purchasing doggy diapers for their canines. One dog owner may buy the diapers for a dog who's older and tends to be incontinent. The owner doesn't want the dog to urinate on the carpeting or the furniture, so he or she purchases dog diapers to avoid a mess. Plus, the cleanup is easy when the dog relieves itself. The doggy diaper can be changed in a matter of minutes. Here are some other reasons why dog owners buy dog diapers for their pets. An owner who has a female dog who's in heat can benefit from purchasing doggy diapers. The bleeding of a female dog can stain furniture such as sofas and chairs. Also, when a female dog sits down the blood can stain a carpet and leave an odor behind. Having a package of doggy diapers on hand means that an owner can protect his or her furnishings and floors while the dog is in heat. In addition, if blood is left in various areas within the home, it can attract the attention of male dogs around the neighborhood. A diaper keeps the mess contained. The owners of a new puppy who is not yet house-trained can benefit from having a supply of doggy diapers from http://www.kennelkomforts.com/measure-dog diapers.html. For instance, if the owners aren't able to take the puppy outside to relieve itself for several hours, the doggy diapers can save the owners from cleaning up a mess on the floor. The puppy will use the diaper instead of the kitchen floor! Some owners may put a diaper on a puppy overnight so there are no messes to clean up in the morning. A doggy diaper offers a convenient alternative to taking the puppy out in the yard to relieve itself in the middle of the night. Also a young dog may have a problem with submissive urinating. When somebody greets the puppy they may urinate uncontrollably. Most dogs will outgrow this but wouldn’t it be nice to have a belly band to use before he learns this and your carpet is ruined. Some dog owners use doggy diapers on their pets while they are taking a car trip. Perhaps they need to get somewhere fast and don't have time to stop to let the dog out. A doggy diaper can save owners time and allow them to arrive at their destination without delay. Did you ever notice that when there is more than one male dog in a household marking tends to be on the rise? Dominancy of hierarchy is at hand. A belly bands for this type of situation for this type of situation.