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A Detailed Look At Dog Belly Bands

Posted by Debbie on 11/26/2013
Dog belly bands have become quite popular. Although these bands come with a cute name, they address a problem that is very serious. Many dog owners struggle with the problem that belly bands are made to correct. Housetraining issues can be troublesome for any dog owner. 

Instead of investing in expensive carpet cleaners and hours of scrubbing, a belly band would seem like the better solution. After all, there is really is nothing fun about scrubbing urine out of a carpet. A dog belly band is the solution to disgusting urine stains. 

How Do These Belly Bands Work?

At first glance, dog belly bands might seem a bit mysterious. However, the way in which these bands work is both effective and easy to understand. A typical belly band is created to give a dog maximum comfort while preventing accidents. 

Most dog belly bands are created with cooling cotton and cozy fleece. The powerful combination of cotton and fleece can absorb an enormous amount of moisture. If a dog’s skin is in constant contact with moisture, infections and skin irritation can occur. 

Nobody wants their K9 companion to deal with infections or similar problems. Dog owners can enjoy the benefits of being able to effective housetrain their puppy while ensuring their puppy looks stylish. 

Many belly bands have Velcro tabs that ensure a comfortable fit. It doesn’t matter what coat type, breed or size a dog is; belly bands are designed to fit many breeds and sizes of dogs. It’s important for dog owners to purchase gender-specific bands. 

The Benefits of Dog Belly Bands

Belly bands for dogs have a variety of benefits to offer, and there are several reasons why a typical dog owner should want to purchase them. One of the benefits of belly bands is the fact that they can be used for a variety of purposes. Dog belly bands can be used as rehabilitation tools and training aids. 

A male dog that decides to mark his territory can be quite frustrating. Without the right tools, breaking a male dog from such a habit can be a nightmare. A dog belly band can prevent a male dog from marking a couch or other pieces of furniture. Most pet owners are very concerned about the level of comfort their pet is receiving. 

The last thing that pet owners want is to subject their beloved pets to pain or discomfort. Most pet owners wouldn’t subject their pets to pain or discomfort just to protect their home. The great news for pet owners is that belly bands are very comfortable. Modern belly bands are made from materials that are comfortable, so they will provide maximum comfort to all types of dogs. 

Female dogs have their bi yearly bleedings, which can cause a lot of problems for homeowners. However, a dog belly band prevents the stains caused by a female dog’s monthly bleedings. The main benefits of belly bands for dogs are ultimate comfort and effectiveness.