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Forever homes

Posted by Debbie on 3/29/2017

Animal Shelters, Foster Homes, Animal Control, Rescue Breed Groups are all wonderful organizations for domestic dogs and cats, bunnies, etc. that need TLC and ownership. Unfortunately dogs, cats and other animals are left uncared due to many reasons more than we can talk about today. The lucky ones that are found or turned it to one of the groups mentioned above if found early enough. And with the love and care they get from people “mostly volunteers” will be spayed or neutered by a certified Veterinarian. Along with any other medical treatment they may need. Fund raisers, donations, portions of your money from licensing your pet, taxes and other avenues all help to facilitate these organizations. The goal is find them a “forever home”

“Petfinder says, Purebred rescue groups have several distinct advantages over animal shelters. As breed specialists, they know what to expect in terms of personality and temperament and even what medical problems dogs of that breed might be prone to suffer. This knowledge helps them to make successful placements. Rescue groups also have the advantage of time and almost unlimited TLC. Most of them rely heavily on foster homes to care for dogs until they are adopted. Foster families generally can provide a loving home environment and can keep dogs for extended periods of time — two things that most shelters just can’t do.

Purebred dogs often need rescuing, too. Fortunately, hundreds of purebred rescue groups serve just that purpose.

Purebred dog rescue organizations grew out of the concern of “fanciers” of various breeds to find homes for unwanted, abandoned, stray, mistreated or neglected dogs of those breeds. Rescue groups are made up of dedicated volunteers who house, care for and carefully place purebreds in new, hopefully permanent, homes. For prospective dog owners who are interested in a particular breed, rescue groups provide an alternative to breeders, animal shelters or pet shops. An important plus is that these rescue organizations do not contribute to the companion overpopulation problem. “Quoting Petfinder.”

Adopting or fostering a new animal into your home takes some special planing. Shelter, food, exercise companionship and time are just a few. But what about house accidents with the new dog. Very few dogs come house trained. And your house is new to him or her so there will be accidents. Did you know there is a product that is invaluable to new or fostering owners. BELLY BANDS AND BITCH BRITCHES from Kennel Komforts thought about this and has an answer for you. A belly band for the male dogs and britches with an absorbent disposable pad inserted will save your sofa, beds, floors and whole house from urine destruction while house breaking. Animal Shelters, Foster Homes, Animal Control, Rescue Breed Groups are learning about such products. Kennel Komforts has been around for 20 years. Testing their products at the AKC dog shows, and in home usage. Disposable pads can be found at any drug store in the human “lite day pad” area for small dogs. For larger dogs a thicker pad such as a human “incontinence pad” Kennel Komforts has an interest in this cause and is giving a discount of 15% off one dozen or more BELLY BAND OR BRITCHES to any Animal Shelters, Foster Homes, Animal Control, Rescue Breed Groups to give to a new home with a foster or adopted dog. Their great for senior incontinent dogs too. Visit our website at “ kennelkomforts.com “ or call at 406-889-3805 to get this package offer.