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The urine house

Posted by Debbie on 4/19/2017

I wanted to share a story with you. We recently bought a town house. I knew the previous owners had two dogs. Never having children these dogs were their babies. When they moved out they left somethings behind. One of which was a plethora of floor / carpet cleaning aids. Combined this was a large laundry basket filled to the brim with hardwood floor urine remover with enzymes Urine order removal candles and air freshener of all medias. Rug shampoo cleaners, every type, brand, scent, in every cleaning level. It was obvious to me that the owners did a pretty good job of being on constant guard of cleaning up after the dogs. But why in the world would they continue to be a slave to cleaning up after these dogs? Didn't they ever hear of a belly-band, easy, simple, clean, no smell, no work. with no fuss.

First thing we did was hire a cleaning professional with all the right machines to remove any tell-tale sign of urine left behind. Knowing that if these old orders aren't cleaned and removed completely the next dog that enters this home will have a calling card with neon lights around the old pee stain waiting there saying “ come pee right here” and you will have a new peers on an old accident.

This article is to make you aware to keep the accidents in check. Clean with an enzyme cleaner and call a professional for large jobs to make sure there are no old stains with odors to call to another dogs. AND most importantly get a belly-band or britches on the new dog entering the home till you know the coast is clear or you could be running a vicious circle. Even when a home is new a dog may want to leave a calling card “ marking his new territory” So even in a new home get a belly band or britches on the dog. This goes for your new or used RVs and homes you will be visiting. Better to keep it covered now that clean it later.