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The Benefits of Comfortable Dog Pads and Mats

Posted by Debbie on 12/6/2013
Dogs of all shapes and sizes love a comfortable place to lie down, and having a great dog pad or mat can make Fido's day. Not only are they great for use as beds, but they can also help dogs who may be experiencing problems with arthritis or other joint conditions. They are also often used in kennels and crates due to their simplicity and soft, cushion-type filling. For pet parents who do lots of traveling with their canines, they are also very useful as travel beds. Being very portable and lightweight, dog pads and mats are also used for eating spots or with puppies as playtime areas.

Benefits of Using Luxury Dog Boarding When Going on Vacation

Posted by Debbie on 12/5/2013
If you have a dog, it can be almost impossible for you to bring the pooch on vacation with you. Many hotels do not allow pets or charge ridiculous fees for you to just have the dog there with you. Also, riding in a car with a dog that is not used to it can be dangerous and annoying on the road. Because of this, it might be a good idea for you to choose luxury dog boarding for your vacation-time needs.