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The Benefits of Comfortable Dog Pads and Mats

Posted by Debbie on 12/6/2013
Dogs of all shapes and sizes love a comfortable place to lie down, and having a great dog pad or mat can make Fido's day. Not only are they great for use as beds, but they can also help dogs who may be experiencing problems with arthritis or other joint conditions. They are also often used in kennels and crates due to their simplicity and soft, cushion-type filling. For pet parents who do lots of traveling with their canines, they are also very useful as travel beds. Being very portable and lightweight, dog pads and mats are also used for eating spots or with puppies as playtime areas. 

There are almost as many different types of dog pads and mats as there are dogs themselves. For example, there are water-resistant dog pads that are good for dogs that are outdoors much of the time. Heating and cooling dog pads are very good for wintertime and summertime, respectively. These pads are great at keeping dogs comfortable during most weather conditions, making them an invaluable addition to most homes. For dogs who spend much of their time in kennels or crates, these pads and mats are essential. Dogs that are older and thin or bony will appreciate having a quality pad or mat, so they will have something comfortable to lie down on rather than just the floor. 

Another benefit of these dog pads and mats is their ability to let dogs sprawl out and relax, since they are completely flat and have no walls, extra plushness or bolsters to be in the way of dogs who want to kick back and take it easy. A major benefit of these dog pads and mats is their energy efficiency. Constructed in a way to make sure pets are never overheated, they actually help save on energy bills by being made to use the dog's own body heat to keep them warm. By using these pads and mats, owners don't have to worry about using beds that require electricity or batteries to work. Using inner-core insulation and polyester fiber, these dog pads and mats are the perfect spot for man's best friend to take a long nap.

Most pads and mats are machine-washable, and come in a variety of designs to please both owners and dogs. They can be purchased with safari patterns, microsuede material and as nature tap mats. One of the most popular types of pads and mats is the reversible crate mat, which is available in sizes to satisfy the smallest Chihuahua to the largest Great Dane. These pads and mats offer many benefits, such as being made to fit most SUV's and being very easy to clean up if doggy has an accident while on the road. 

Dog owners know their dogs deserve the best in everything, including what they sleep on. Dog pads and mats offer not only a comfortable place to relax, but also a spot that can be taken along on vacations or trips to the vet.