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Spring time.

Posted by Debbie on 4/24/2017

Spring is here. Many of you are planning your vacation trip for the summer. Thinking about taking Fido? They love to go with you. Just hearing the car keys rattle makes them think there might be a possibility he can go too. Take him along. We can help !

Most dogs that visit a new house or building will mark their spot. As if to say “ I'm here too” They'll instinctively smell around find a place where other dogs might have been or will be coming to. All we know is we are sure they will do it every time. My dog personally will not mark at home but will always mark at a new house or place. I travel prepared and never forget my BELLY BAND or BRITCHES. Tourist towns are more and more dog friendly these days. This way store owners are relaxed about you browsing their store with Fido on her leash. This is the best time to travel with your furry friend.

If your visiting relatives homes this summer again this is the perfect time to order a BELLY BAND or BRITCHES from Kennel Komforts Inc. We've done all the measuring for this garment to make it functional for you and comfortable for the dog. An easy “how to measure video” is on the site. This will ensure you can choose the best size for Fido. We'll even send you a free first time starter disposable pad to get you going. Order now to have it ready for you vacation with your furry family member. Find us at “kennelkomforts.com “ Have a wonderful stress free vacation.