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Think Doggie Diapers are Gross? Think Again…

Posted by Debbie on 11/21/2013
If the idea of putting a diaper on your dog and then having to change it grosses you out, you may want to rethink the idea. When an infant is born and for several more months, parents have no issue with changing messy diapers. If your family pet needs to wear diapers, for his convenience and yours, why should that be any different?

Dogs can become incontinent for many different reasons. Perhaps they have gotten old, have excitable bladders or have had an injury that keeps them from going to the door to ask to be let out. Putting a diaper on the dog is helpful to you and your beloved pet. If he or she is unable to get up, a diaper will collect the urine instead of letting it soak into your dog’s fur or bedding.

Changing a soiled diaper on a family pet that you dearly love shouldn’t be any different than changing diapers on a baby, or even an elderly relative that has become incontinent. Consider it an act of helping them when they cannot help their self. 

Unsure of what you would even use? There are a lot of choices on the market. Yep, doggie diapers come in disposable and in trendy looking reusable ones with designs and different colors. Reusable diapers would be great for the environment and your pocket book…you simply wash and dry them.

So you just grossed out again at the thought of washing soiled doggie diapers? The process would be the same as washing cloth baby diapers. You can even put a disposable liner inside the diaper to catch the messy part. Simply toss the liner full of feces away and wash the diaper.

If your dog is having accidents in the house, a diaper may even help his or her self-esteem. What? Yes, dogs who have been potty trained to go outside know it is wrong to “go” in the house. If they have been left a long time, or just can’t help it, the dog will be expecting to get in trouble when you come home and find their accident.

Changing a dog’s dirty diaper is much better than the alternative of stepping in a “surprise” if you are barefoot. Now that would be gross, don’t you agree? This is a new age, where people dress their dogs in clothing and carry them around in tote bags. If someone would do all that spoiling, using a doggie diaper when necessary seems pretty normal.

Remember that a dog depends on his owner for his food, health and well-being. Don’t deny him, or her, the comfort of wearing a doggie diaper just because the thought grosses you out. You pick up after the dog when you go for a walk, right? There really is no difference, especially if you use disposable.

You need to wash the area “down there” when you change the diaper. If you have ever bathed your dog, you have washed that area anyway so what is the big deal? If the idea of a doggie diaper grosses you out, rethink the situation and you will probably see that it is not so bad after all.