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Spring time.

Posted by Debbie on 4/24/2017
Preparing for a family vacation with Fido using Belly Bands and Britches.

The urine house

Posted by Debbie on 4/19/2017
Town house that needed belly bands and britches.

Forever homes

Posted by Debbie on 3/29/2017
Adopting a dog and giving him a forever home.

Dog Diapers can help with the House Training task

Posted by Scott's login on 4/23/2014
House training your dog can be a lot of work and full of frustrations. A dog diaper can help get the task of training your dog accomplished. Using a belly band dog diaper for males or a britches for females prevents accidents in your home while your dog is learning how to not pee in your house.

Reasons that Pet Owners Buy Doggy Diapers for their Canines

Posted by Debbie on 1/29/2014
Pet owners have a number of different reasons for purchasing doggy diapers for their canines: puppy potty training, traveling, heat cycle, submissive peeing, and multiple dog peeing to mark territory.

The Benefits of Comfortable Dog Pads and Mats

Posted by Debbie on 12/6/2013
Dogs of all shapes and sizes love a comfortable place to lie down, and having a great dog pad or mat can make Fido's day. Not only are they great for use as beds, but they can also help dogs who may be experiencing problems with arthritis or other joint conditions. They are also often used in kennels and crates due to their simplicity and soft, cushion-type filling. For pet parents who do lots of traveling with their canines, they are also very useful as travel beds. Being very portable and lightweight, dog pads and mats are also used for eating spots or with puppies as playtime areas.

Benefits of Using Luxury Dog Boarding When Going on Vacation

Posted by Debbie on 12/5/2013
If you have a dog, it can be almost impossible for you to bring the pooch on vacation with you. Many hotels do not allow pets or charge ridiculous fees for you to just have the dog there with you. Also, riding in a car with a dog that is not used to it can be dangerous and annoying on the road. Because of this, it might be a good idea for you to choose luxury dog boarding for your vacation-time needs.

The Secrets of Potty Training Your Dog

Posted by Debbie on 11/30/2013
Potty training a dog is one of the basic lessons taught to most family canines, and it's a process that needs to begin as soon as the family brings home their new furry pet. There are a few stages in basic potty training for a dog that are easy to implement as long as the family ensures consistency during those lessons. Routine and a consistent approach are everything when it comes to potty training.

A Detailed Look At Dog Belly Bands

Posted by Debbie on 11/26/2013
Dog belly bands have become quite popular. Although these bands come with a cute name, they address a problem that is very serious. Many dog owners struggle with the problem that belly bands are made to correct. Housetraining issues can be troublesome for any dog owner.

Think Doggie Diapers are Gross? Think Again…

Posted by Debbie on 11/21/2013
If the idea of putting a diaper on your dog and then having to change it grosses you out, you may want to rethink the idea. When an infant is born and for several more months, parents have no issue with changing messy diapers. If your family pet needs to wear diapers, for his convenience and yours, why should that be any different?

SENIOR MOMENTS - Even our dogs have these times...

Posted by Debbe Nadon - Kennel Komforts on 11/20/2013
As pets get older, they may develop new undesirable behaviors. We would expect changes due to a disease to affect virtually any organ of the body, including the brain. Giving extra attention to senior pet's health will help them live longer and healthier lives.

The Benefits of Educational Video Books

Posted by Debbie on 11/18/2013
Educating children of today can be challenging with the bombardment of media and Internet in everyday life. Whether you are a teacher or a parent, incorporating the use of educational video books with your children's education regime is highly recommended. Using educational video books provides a number of benefits that are sure to come in handy as your children progress in education and with age.

For the love of the breed.

Posted by debbie on 10/24/2013
Artical is about why I picked the breed I did. How much responsibily it is to undertake breeding dogs


Posted by debbie on 10/16/2013
Who is comming for holidays. Artical about the stress on the household when a dog pees in a new house or traveled

Age of the Oldest Dog in the World

Posted by debbie on 10/15/2013
Age of the Oldest Dog in the World. This artical deals with quotes from Guiness book of world records of dogs ages. Also knowing when to let them go.

Going Green

Posted by on 1/1/2013
Should we be “Going Green” with our Dog Belly Bands? The trend is to Go Green these days. With products and processes that are enviromentally friendly and safe. We have been kicking around the idea for sometime