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Age of the Oldest Dog in the World

Posted by debbie on 10/15/2013
Age of the Oldest Dog in the World We have all asked this question “how old will my dog live?” We fall in love with this little fur ball of sweetness and we do our best to give him what he needs. The best food, medical care, exercise, a mountain of toys and of course tons of love. In hopes that he will live a long healthy life. We researched Guinness World Records, the record for the oldest dog in the world is held by Chanel, a dachshund. She turned 21 years old on 6th May 2009 and lived with her owners Karl and Denies Shaugnessey of Port Jefferson, New York. Sadly, she passed away on 28 August 2009 due to natural causes at her home. We found 5 places in the world who have claimed to have the oldest dog. This is what we found. In Poland. The oldest dog in Poland is named Minius and is claimed to be 25 years old. He was rescued 25 years ago by the animal aid foundation 'Animals and Us' (Zwierzeta I My) from the streets. This makes it very difficult to estimate his age as he maybe well over 26 or 27 years. He is a mixed breed dog who was a stray of about 2 years old when rescued. Lucky Dog ! Next is Germany. This Bernese mountain dog called Penny is about 25 years old. She has tough competition from the American nomination of a mix terrier dog breed called Max. He is said to be 26 years old. The officials from Guinness Book of World Records Next in line is Daisy, a Tenterfield Terrier from Australia, is 25 years old. Owner Julie Penlington from the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge. She was a one-eyed dog who was about 5 to 6 years old at the time of adoption. Therefore, it is difficult to find the exact age of Daisy. Oldest Dog in the World Ever The oldest dog in the world ever was Bluey an Australian cattle dog. He was born on 7 June 1910 in a Rochester, north of Melbourne Victoria. He worked for 20 years managing the sheep and cattle. He was finally put down at a ripe old age of 29 years in 14 November 1939. Bluey's record of world's oldest dog ever has never been beaten as yet, claim Guinness Books. Then there is my neighbor who clames her Yorkie is 28 years old but argues her husband that the dog is only 18. So hears to the beloved old dog who's becoming arthritic and slowing down but keeps trucking on because they LOVE us as much as we love them We wish they all could live to 29 years old like Bluey but many fall short. So for the few folks out there with a wonderful old dog by your side. We find you lucky and endearing to be blessed with such a gift we all wished for. After 20 years of Raising Champion Chows and a special bond with each and every one I have been faced with old age in my beloved dogs. Giving them every thing from glucosamine to inflammatory herbs to Acupuncher to keep them as comfortable as possible. But I try to never forget when they look at me with those eyes that tell me with all the love they can draw on … please, no more. Remember this, They wouldn't let you suffer if these lives were revered. I know the rainbow bridge is place we humans made up for our comfort. But I pray that the wonderful God that made these special friends just for our delight will hold a special place somewhere in heaven for us to meet once more.