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Going Green

Posted by on 1/1/2013
Should we be “Going Green” with our Dog Belly Bands? The trend is to Go Green these days. With products and processes that are enviromentally friendly and safe. We have been kicking around the idea for sometime and we have been asked about this from customers. We would like your opinions. Here are the Pros and Cons as we see them for making a Belly Band that would be considered a “green” product. Pros: •Environmentally friendly. •No need to buy absorbant pads to insert into the Belly Band or female dog diaper. •The piece of mind knowing that you are not adding to the land fill problem Cons: •Must buy several Dog Belly Bands to get you through the day with your pet (more costly). •Washing out doggie urine in your households washing machine. •The extra costs associated with additional washings. •Dealing with the lingering effects of doggie urine odor in your home. •Not as easy to travel with Belly Bands that need to be washed out after each use. •The cost per Belly Band will be higher due to the addition of high-tech absorptive material that will need to be added to the product. •The hassle of changing into clean Belly Bands several times a day. •The time it takes to do additional washing throughout the week. It seems to us that there are more Cons than Pros. But… that is our point of view. What are your thoughts on this? Please let us know. Thanks in advance for your input and response!