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Posted by debbie on 10/16/2013
WHO'S COMMING FOR THE HOLIDAYS ? The Family called and wants us to come and visit for the Holidays. They didn't invite Piss-Pot the dog. Oh yes , they remember the many accidents in the house when we arrived and it continued all week no matter how well we watched him. I don't understand he's so good at home but when we go a new place he has to mark like he's leaving his calling card. I don't want to put him in a boarding kennel after all it's winter and the Holidays wouldn't be the same with out him around. What to do? I have seen the advertisements for those in the house pee- pads but your not really sure the family would like a 2' X 2' pad smelling up the kitchen or living room and that's not very attractive. If we hide it in the unused bedroom the dog will never see/use it. And there's no guarantee he would use it. And actually, I'm not really sure I like the idea of reinforcing peeing in the house behavior. Somehow that doesn't seem right. We want to go for the holidays but we want the dog to go with us. Is that too much to ask ?? What to do ??? Answer coming. REVERSE PROBLEM, Hey Bob, the holidays are coming up. What do you think of inviting Mom and Dad and maybe my sister Beth and her family for the holidays. Ummm, what about that dog Bosco, they brought last time. Remember how he pee'ed all over the house and we had to shampoo the carpets after they left...I don't want to go through that again. It would be great to have them for the holidays but could we ask them to come and not bring the dog?? ahhh, I don't think that would go over so well. So whats the answer? THE ANSWER FOR BOTH SANAIROES I was talking to the neighbor yesterday about her old dog. Seems he's getting older now and has incontinence problems. She was telling me about a BELLYBAND company that her Vet recommended. She found it easy on the internet. It's a fabric band that is specially made for a male dog with a cup shaped crotch to hold an absorbent pad and all his plumbing next to the pad. So while wearing the BELLYBAND the urine is wicked away from the dogs skin and held in the pad till changed Her Vet recommended this company because it has sizes for dogs of 2 lbs to 200 lbs and has a money back guarantee if this isn't the best fitting Bellyband they will refund your money. And the company is 17 years old..... they have to know what there doing, right The neighbor showed it to me. I's really nicely made and fun fabrics. His was orange flames.. very macho. And it's been reported that some dogs don't like the feeling of contained urination and learn to stop on their own. It's worth every penny. And they have them for females too. All you have to do is send the dogs waistline measurement (they have an easy how to measure video on the web-site) and weight. Hun, this sounds great ! Call your sister and find out what you need and we'll order it now. It'll be Bosco's present from me.. Tell them Bosco's is welcome too. Can't wait to see all of them. Have one before you take your dog on a trip. Have one before guests and dog arrive. Happy Holidays from Kennel Komforts Inc. www.kennelkomforts.com